First Building Tour

The warm weather has really allowed our construction team to move quickly, which we are so thankful for and excited about!  We want you to be able to see the building as soon as possible so, we are hosting our first tour on Saturday, March 4 @ 9am.  We created a Facebook event for the building tour, which you can see here -

The building will still obviously be under construction at that point but the frames of rooms will be up and you'll be able to get a general idea of the space and what we will offer.  If you have a previous engagement that day and can't make it make sure you follow us on Facebook or Instagram because we will be having a few more tours in March, April + May!  Once we are open for business you'll also be able to schedule a tour anytime.

Here are some recent photos of Construction. Enjoy - T.J.

TOUR DETAILS : Saturday March, 4 9am - 10am // 280 South Oak Street Manheim, PA 17545